Best Practices

Best Practices are rules and guidelines created and followed to establish optimal front and back office operations. The framework for Certification Enterprise is built on best practices to support the established rules and guidelines
Best practices and security ensure that the administration of an examination is fair and protected for both the examination administration and the candidates taking the examination.

The writing of an examination is in many cases the first time a candidate / student comes in contact with a certification organization.  The experience the candidate / student has at that initial professionally organized event can set their perception of the organization.  If the examination writing center is run professionally, efficiently and fairly; then the experience will be a positive one.

The Best Practices document is to be utilized as a best practices blue print for the administration of examinations in the professional certification practice.  Every professional body is different and has special requirements; the document is meant to serve as a general approach to examination administration and not as a complete process guide.



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