Consulting Services

As part of your team, we can assist in various capacities which include:
  • Customization of any of our existing "off the shelf" applications. (C.O.T.S.= customized off the shelf)¬†
  • ¬†Develop individualized reporting via print, web, and email delivery.
  • Complete departmental / enterprise systems (Web or other). Examples include CMS (Candidate Management Systems), LMS (Learner Management Systems), and web based scheduling.
  • Evaluation of the existing test / certification process:
    • From candidate registration / billing
    • Attendance management (online and physical)
    • Question Item writing and Curriculum/Competency Development
    • Examination development
    • Security
    • Item analysis and Examination statistics
    • Marking center management (Markers, teams, setup, security, rules, guidelines, technology involved, best practices)
    • Writing center management (Invigilators, proctors, setup, security, training, rules, guidelines, technology involved, best practices)
    • Candidate training tools and feed-back
    • Candidate / professional long term education (continuing) and records management
  • Create OMR (Optical Mark Reader) bubble sheets and configure the scanning environment to read the sheets.
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