Marking Center

The Marking Center™ enterprise web platform enables Web Based scoring of examinations. It is designed to manage the markers, candidates, multiple mark versions, teams of markers, statistics, and final results. Certification Enterprise Marking Center™ produces real-time statistics, and collects the attributes related to the scoring process of the examinations. 

Examination Types

The Certification Enterprise Marking Center web platform allows for the following types of examinations:
  • Value metric (a fixed value is entered against specific marking guides line items)

  • Single attribute selection (similar to multiple choice, but attribute based scoring). Values and weightings may be applied after the entry

  • Multiple attribute selection entry (usually used to track keywords and map to the entry guide)

  • Multi-lingual support. (with statistical comparisons)

  • Batch or Bundle enabled. (groupings of candidate papers for paper flow management)

Real time reporting of marker / team progress, consistency and proficiency. By monitoring progress this keeps track of how many exams have been marked and how many are remaining. Monitoring consistency checks to see if a particular marker is consistent in their marking. It also checks that they are neither too hard nor too easy and that they maintain consistency. 

It also takes into account best practices; no student will be marked only by a hard marker or only by an easy marker.  There are three marking phases which helps ensure fair marking. The third phase will always be done by an experienced and consistent arbitrator. 

The marking center application is designed to handle competency or skill based testing with an open ended examination process.

Overall marking center administration is available to site administrators. From the marking center administration, an overall view of the entire marking center (all questions/papers, all markers, all teams, all candidates) can be managed and operational progress can be viewed real-time.
Exam sections can be weighted and final results can be downloaded to a spreadsheet.
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