Online Testing

The Online Testing Module replaces the PET Web Server

Feature List
  • Exams built using the Item Writing modules are available to candidates as tutorials / exams online (WEB Based).
  • Real-time chat for Invigilator/Admin to Candidate(s).
  • Candidate Responses are immediately committed to the database.
  • Support of attachments (video, graphics, audio, doc, html, PDF, etc).
  • Results are optionally available upon completion.
  • Exams can be locked down using our InvigExam product on the Candidate’s own laptop/desktop.
  • Multilingual interface – English / French.
  • Tracks candidate responses, number of times response is changed and response time (seconds).
  • Candidate can comment on individual questions on the exam.
  • 100% Web based - .NET 2008.
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