Scheduling Component

Feature List
  • Exam locations
  • Exam scheduling
  • Billing component
  • Rostering / Scheduling
  • Online registration component
  • Multilingual interface – English / French
  • 100% Web based - .NET 2008
  • Rostering reports
    • By exam
    • By language of writing
    • By location
    • Candidate by seat number or name
    • Sign in desk signs
    • Candidate sign in sheets
  • Exam Center
    • Location management (address, maximum occupancy, backup power, accessibility, square footage, cost, wireless, internet access, closed circuit video, security, air conditioning, heat, paid parking, access from highway, transit, bus, train, subway, cafeteria, proximity to restaurants)
    • Survey feed back on location (number of washrooms, G/B/Accessibility, entrances)
    • Directions (tie to Google maps)
    • Photos of location
    • Lockers / Coat check
  • Exams can have a "no change" lock out date
  • Candidates are automatically emailed receipts for all online payments / purchases
  • Scheduled exams are emailed immediately to the candidates. Includes exam location, time, exam instructions / guidelines / rule / requirements
  • Administrators can receive nightly emails including exam counts by date, location, and language


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