The USB Formatter and Deployer (FAD) is an application used to format, deploy files to, and collect data from USB devices quickly and easily. The USB FAD is designed to save time and eliminate the need to format or collect from one USB memory device at a time. It is able to format / collect up to 16 USB devices at one time and USB hubs can be used to facilitate the use of multiple devices. Labels can optionally be added to the USB device during formatting. With the use of auto increment, each USB device can be given a unique number. Files can also be deployed to the USB device during formatting. When data is collected, it can be saved to one folder or each device’s data can be saved to separate folders, all contained within one specified folder. Format / deployment cannot be performed at the same time as the collection, so data will not be lo
st or overwritten.


Formatting - USB FAD


Collection - USB FAD


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